Sustainability Practices

Our packaging is made from 100% recycled and/ or sustainable materials.
Business cards: recycled cotton fabric | Gift box packaging: recycled cardboard, recycled paper stickers, sustainably produced and recyclable cork inserts.
Recycling: Our gift boxes are designed for storage of your pieces, if you choose to recycle these can be disposed of in your home recycling bin. The cork inserts in your earring box can be removed and broken up into your compost bin or into the garden. Mailing bags can be placed in your compost bin or will break down in your general rubbish.
Our silk is sourced from ethical manufacturers by our printer in the Netherlands.
Acrylic used in Phebe Parisia’s earrings is sourced from signage offcuts when available.
Prenta X was established to create additional opportunities for the application of artists work into a wearable medium.
Commissioned artists are paid an artist fee for use of their image specifically for printing into one limited scarf edition. The artist retains the original image and rights to their image.
We employ visual artists where possible, including for graphic design and photography and production assistance.