July 12, 2019


By Prenta X

Rebecca Delange utilises sculpture and photography to investigate and problematise the mutability and entanglement of form, material and meaning.

Delange seeks to articulate an object/material language that looks at disrupting traditional categories of meaning though strategies of collage, assemblage and spatial arrangement applied to sourced and repurposed materials and objects—and how this can potentially action a type of semiotic and phenomenological slippage evoking unseen narratives and new knowledge for the viewer in the material outcomes of the work.

 Her practice looks at the poetic—things known and felt yet evading direct visual perception and representation, unseen and unspoken experiences—and how can these things can be made manifest in the material.

 Rebecca Delange is a PHD candidate at RMIT University in the School of Art. In 2015 she completed Master of Contemporary Art with first class Honours at the Victorian College of the Arts. Recent exhibitions include Knot Not at Bus Projects and Alpha Beta Whatever at Notfair.  Last year she lived and worked in Germany and Italy for 5 months undertaking field research for an upcoming project, Shut Up Mountain, at C3 Contemporary Art Space in 2019

Rebecca Delange, 2018

Artist Website: www.rebeccadelange.com

Instagram: @rebecca__delange