September 30, 2020

Rebecca Delange | Loops | 2018

By Prenta X
Rebecca Delange | Loops | 2018

 a net. to catch, to draw, to draw out. catching a moment, accumulate, record. ideas not answers. knot, not, to knot. the mirror catches the light and projects a circle onto the opposite wall. double, and again. over the day the reflection of light tracks a path through and across the space of the room. this side, or that side. knot-not. it’s not a not, it is not no, it is also not yes. the exception proves the rule. in a netted structure the absence has a volume. a type of invisible information. it cuts both ways. capture, not caught. the net is purpose built for its prey. charmed, enchanted or restrained. the mirror holds within itself all that crosses its line of sight. measure out the rope, cut it to size, arrange the pieces and tie the lengths together. blind spot. and into the sun. both the positive and the negative. to have and to hold. gridded, begin from zero, map the landscape. contain, trap, restrain and rescue. puzzle and impasse. both seeing and not seeing. safety and peril. inverse, eclipse, vision is cloaked. the blind cuts through the light, draws up and draws in.

 Rebecca Delange utilises sculpture and photography to investigate and problematise the mutability and entanglement of form, material and meaning.

Loops is part of an ongoing project Knot Not —that employs the motif of the blind spot and the form of the net and associated and intersecting objects, meanings and metaphors— as an investigatory locus.  The project continues Delange’s exploration into double meanings, text as object, object as language, the entanglement of meaning and material and linguistic slippage.

Her practice looks at the poetic—things known and felt yet evading direct visual perception and representation, unseen and unspoken experiences—and how can these things can be made manifest in the material.

Rebecca Delange, 2018

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