September 30, 2020

Phebe Parisia | Shreadweave | 2018

By Prenta X
Phebe Parisia | Shreadweave | 2018

Shreadweave is created from existing and new installation components used repetitively in Phebe Parisia's practice. The work uses a processes of repetitive line work, cutting, layering, weaving and drawing, photography, physical and digital drawing and collage. 

Phebe Parisia generates large scale abstract installations and assemblages that examine the relationship between materiality, action and affect. Her works feature evolving assemblages and configurations of utilitarian synthetic materials including synthetic industrial fabrics, nylon objects and permanent marker actioned repetitive line worked panels.

The work often involves the creation of temporary structural devices or motifs such as screens, walls or altered picture frames within the space, which ‘perform’ a permanence or solidity. However, this sense of stability in the work is undermined by soft fabric, seemingly impermanent or unstable additions and the visually jarring patterns enacted by the artist’s obsessive process of line drawing. Invoking historical precedents including Process art and Minimalism, Parisia’s work expresses an anxious integration of seemingly binary visual forms or experiences.

Parisia’ has exhibited in Australia and internationally, with her artwork held in private collections in Australia, Iceland and Finland.  She was recently commissioned by the NGV Design Store at The National Gallery of Victoria for two exclusive jewellery collections, ‘Graffito’ and ‘15th Algorithm’.

Artist website:

Instagram: @phebe_._parisia